Thank you for visit this website.

Let me introduce to my self. My name is Marcus Poli and I'm responsible for P2P4.us startup company.

I decided to develop it because there are many solutions peer to peer that must will be create and didn't was yet.

I believe that next web generation will be decentralized and to start this revolution, P2P4.us open a cryptoexchange that cannot change coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others.

Here, tokens is real fractions of projects, copyrights or companies where business man go to web looking for investors and change tokens for Ethereum and promise to pay considering USD price. Doesn't matter if Ethereum or Bitcoin go to the moon or go down quickly, the real price of tokens is what the market pay for that. It's more safe for investors and better to control financial investments.

Maybe you asking that it's not a P2P. Thinking about that, we wrote a factory code that build smartcontracts for each transaction offer, in other words, you can buy directly from sellers and sell without intermediates.

I hope you enjoy it and do good Businness.



When you use peer to peer technologies, you list and change your data directly with who needs it. Now WEB is more FREE. Users want be freedom and doesn't like to make rich who sell data to governments and industries.


Why fill forms to buy, sell or exchange tokens and cryptocurrencies? The answer is simple, because you give permission to Exchanges does it. We believe that we can protect you using simple login by METAMASK PLUGIN. You just connect your wallet and buy tokens.

You don't have to trust us

You must be used to logging into Exchanges and deposit your cryptocurrencies in order to exchange for tokens and sometimes even trusting your deposits. Here you can use smartcontracts and trade safely by relying only on Blockchain for your tokens and cryptocurrencies.